When we talk about the beverages that are mostly consumed in the world, tea and coffee have to be mentioned. After water, the next beverage that is highly consumed is tea. About two billion people drink tea every morning and an 87% of millennials have reportedly taken it often. In the United States, almost 60% of adults take coffee at sunrise and 78% take it at least once in a while.


The average cup of coffee consumed daily by coffee drinkers is two cups. There is caffeine in both coffee and tea which has been connected to health issues like anxiety, gastric upset and increased blood pressure. However, decaffeinated varieties of tea and coffee do exist and both are known to contain other ingredients that promote health which outweighs the disadvantage of caffeine. One of them is antioxidants that are very beneficial to the body.


Coffee Warnings


Most produced coffee has high pesticide contamination. It is one of those crops that are highly sprayed. So when the benefits of coffee are being discussed, it is done with regard to coffees that are free of pesticides and preferably fair trade (organic). Another thing to watch out for is that the coffees that are obtainable today are bad because they are gathered from ground beans that would not last a week before turning stale.


This is because once they are grounded, the rate at which they begin to spoil increases intensively. With this you can see the bagged coffee you find at the superstore is degraded already. Hence, all you can get from it is caffeine and no healthy nourishing co-factors. So to really enjoy the health benefits of coffee, you have ground the coffee bean yourself.


There is also the need to ensure that it is properly roasted. The darker the pigment of a food, the more robust is the benefits it has, in this case, dark roast coffee like Turkish coffee, espresso and French roast is not an exception. A 2011 study showed that dark roast coffee resulted in a huge reduction in body weight among volunteers that were pre-obese and light roast did not. Dark roast coffee is also mild on the stomach because it produces a chemical that helps in the prevention of the creation too much stomach acid.


To get coffee in its healthiest form, it has to be organic ground fresh and taken black without any sugar or milk. When milk is added it can impede the absorption of chlorogenic acids beneficial to the body. The sugar will also increase the insulin resistance which is the cause of many chronic diseases. For those that use a drip coffee machine, they need to ensure that their filters are not bleached. The clear white ones have been bleached with chlorine, and some of them will trickle from the filter whenever you are brewing. Filters that are bleached might also be contaminated with hazardous cleaning byproducts like dioxin. ision.


Tea Too Should Be Of Quality



There are issues that come with tea too. The plants of green tea are quite known to effectively absorb lead from the earth which goes into the leaves. Leaves from areas with industrial pollution, for example, China will have high lead contents. China is where most of the green teas in the world are produced. Lead in tea leaves, however, do not drop much into the tea. Though black and green teas are grown organically, free of pesticides, they have a naturally high content of fluoride. This is because from its root the fluoride is easily absorbed. Growing the plant in a clean environment is vital to producing a pure tea of high quality.


The Benefits of Coffee to the Heart


Coffee that is correctly grown, harvested and dark-roasted is truly very healthy. A report stated that the consumption of five cups of coffee daily had no detrimental effects and was safe. This recommendation came from a research that evaluated the link between coffee and protracted diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, heart disease, type 2-diabetes and cancer. It has been reported that coffee at least temporarily, increases the blood pressure, but studies over a longer period haven't seen any connection. It is also now believed that people might develop a resistance to the hypertensive influences of coffee.


Morning for Black Coffee, and Afternoon for Green Tea

With the frequency of adrenal fatigue, one should not consume up to five cups of coffee even though some reports suggest it is okay to do so.

The way to find a balance between risk and benefits is to reduce your intake of coffee in the morning to about a cup or two and then in the afternoon go for green tea.
It is important to mention again that to realize healing benefits from coffee, it has to be:


Major coffee productions today are highly polluted with pesticides because it is one of the grown crops that are highly sprayed.

The best coffees for consumption are organic and free of pesticides.

The bean is whole fresh:

The coffee should be purchased in whole bean form and then grounded by you to avoid rancidity. The ones that are pre-ground might already be rancid as to when you are drinking it.

Correctly dried and roasted:

The smell and the taste should not be stale but rather fresh. If the aroma is not pleasant, then it is probably of low quality or rancid. The darker the roast, the greater is the health benefits and mild effects in the stomach.

Drink Black:

You should not use sugar or cream to consume it. Once sugar is added the benefits are ruined because levels of insulin will be spiked. Visit to learn more about healthy coffee.